All Saints & Sinners Church:
Formarly St. Francis Mission 

Diocese of Quincy, ACNA

The DENNIS Project is on the move!

It's getting it's own website address!

Please check the Facebook page under:

The Dennis Project STL  - for upcoming events and information.

The Dennis Project will also be starting a inter-faith monthly meeting in August 2018 to for people inside and outside of any faith or none at all- to come together for open conversation to gain understanding and compassion. #loveiswhywearehere

What is "The DENNIS Project"?

This project was started as a gospel outreach to our LGBTQ friends and neighbors.  It takes its name from a young relative who was shunned by his Christian family, contracted HIV and died very much alone. We feel that no person should feel unloved or unwanted. The Dennis Project strives to show the love of Jesus to all people, especially to those hurting and bullied in the LGBTQ community. 

We started this ministry with a small group of varying faiths, in efforts to show love and to be a catalyst for change and healing within and outside the church walls. We gathered a focus group together to have an open conversation and gain understanding- this is needed because of the bitterness and hatred we have seen displayed by many people who profess the name of Jesus; condemning the friend or relative who is seeking love and support. 

LOVE- it's why we are here!

Please join us for local outreaches though out the year.  Contact Miki at [email protected] for details.