All Saints & Sinners Church:
Formarly St. Francis Mission 

Diocese of Quincy, ACNA

What is Anglicanism?

Anglicanism is rich in history and tradition:  Our regular Sunday morning service; The Mass, uses holy scripture and The Book of Common Prayer to build a beautiful and worshipful liturgy.  Our Prayer-book tradition gives us a "common" heritage to in our worship; binding us to Anglican Christians  throughout the centuries and around the World.  The basics of our faith are codified in the 3 ecumenical Creeds - The Apostles’, The Nicene & The Athanasian Creeds.  While, the '39 Articles of Religion' of the Church of England continue to guide and maintain order and theology among Anglicans.
 The Anglican Church, with sure roots back to Christ's very apostles, is the oldest English speaking church in the World.  As Christianity spread from the middle-east, the faithful went into Asia, south into Africa, north and west into and through the Roman Empire to spread the "Good News" of Jesus, the Messiah.  As Missionaries from the east came to the northern British Isles & Missionaries from Rome and African Christianity came to the southern districts & tribes of Britain; a beautifully orthodox mix of eastern and western Christianity took hold among the peoples of the British Isles, Ireland, Scotland and Whales.  After a long history of local and episcopal rule, the English church finally made formal and ecclesial agreements with the Bishop of Rome, the Church in England found protection and governance, for a time, in the Roman Catholic Church.  Then, during the time of the protestant, reformation on the European continent, the English reformation brought local rule, through that unbroken tie to the early apostles, in their Bishops, back to Britain & the formal ties to Rome and Papal rule were severed.

Today, with unbroken succession, back to the earliest Church, the World-wide Anglican communion includes some  80+ million Christians throughout the World.  In America, the Anglican Communion is represented by 2 great forces of Anglican tradition:  The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and The Episcopal Church USA.  St. Francis Mission- is a mission outreach of the Diocese of Quincy, in the Anglican Church in North America. 

God has made our home here in St. Louis; we are in the beautiful St. Charles area just west of the city - a vibrant, lively and loving neighborhood for God's church plant.  We pray that we are the light of Jesus to all we meet; His hands of love stretched out to those in need.   We hope you join us on Sunday's at 10:30 am for Mass.   All are welcome!